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Unlock High School Chemistry Success: Comprehensive Workbook Series with Short Lessons, Self-Checking Practice, and More!
High school chemistry can be tricky.   It’s like exploring a big corn maze with lots of twists and turns.   Students learn one skill and think they’re heading towards that...
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Bringing Evolution to Life: 5 Engaging Activities for High Schoolers in Gr. 11 Biology (SBI3U)
Need some tried and true ideas for your Evolution unit in Gr. 11 Biology? All 5 of the ideas outlined below perfectly target the Ontario curriculum learning objectives. Keep things...
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Up the Engagement in Your Genetic Processes Unit for SBI3U
Up the Engagement in Your Genetic Processes Unit for SBI3U (Gr. 11 Biology) The “Genetics Processes” unit in Gr. 11 Biology (SBI3U) is THE unit of THE course that officially...
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Run a Smooth, Safe, and Effective Lab
I recently had the chance to speak with Katie on the Creative Chemistry with Coscine podcast! Give her a follow and listen to our conversation all about running labs so that students...
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Exploring Diversity of Living Things with 6 Creative Activities
The “Diversity of Life” unit in Gr. 11 Biology (SBI3U) used to be one of my least engaging units in any of my science classes. Classification, taxonomy, and biodiversity...
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Valentine's Day Science: 11 Activities for High School
Valentine’s Day is a time for love, but it can also be a time for nerding out over science! Welcome to your one-stop shop for Valentine’s Day Science activities for high...
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“Variety is crucial for students to retain what they learn. If everything is the same all the time, they won't be able to distinguish one class from the next.”

Mo Parker – Big Red Science


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