Course: Classroom Management for New Science Teachers

Are you an early-career Science teacher dreaming of teaching in a setting where the focus is on the fun parts of teaching rather than managing behavior?
After polling hundreds of educators about what they wish they learned in Teachers College, the #1 response was overwhelmingly classroom management. This course was developed to address this problem. It will be the roadmap that you need to develop and implement a clear, actionable classroom management strategy tailored to science and math courses with the goal of boosting confidence in these subjects and getting buy-in so that you can lead a variety of activities knowing that you won’t need to constantly monitor behavior.
This 5-module course will guide you through the 3 main pillars of classroom management (Creating & Implementing Systems, Building Relationships, and Reacting in the Moment) in order to meet your new students with confidence and set yourself up for success this school year.

Course: Run Labs with Confidence - Minimize Stress & Maximize Learning

Are you a teacher who could use a bit more confidence in the lab environment? You want to do more labs, but you’re overwhelmed by the chaos of lab day? And you’re not even sure if they’re learning what you want them to learn?
I’ve been there too! But after more than a decade of teaching science, I’ve compiled a buffet of strategies for you to choose from to minimize chaos and maximize learning with those hands-on labs that students love. 
 This course is a series of 5 short webinars designed for middle school and high school science teachers who want to enhance their ability to set up and execute lab experiments efficiently. It focuses on equipping you with essential strategies and skills to ensure smooth and successful science lab experiences, ultimately maximizing student learning outcomes.