Welcome to Big Red Science!

Welcome to Big Red Science!

I’ve wanted to blog for a while, but for some reason the first post has seemed the most daunting. So I’m just going to jump in and post something!

A quick introduction to me: my name is Mo and I’m a passionate educator with the goal of bringing joy into my classes.

I teach middle school and high school science and math, and I’ve had a somewhat unconventional teaching career up until this point. I’ve taught on a tiny island in Micronesia, a small Islamic school in Canada, aboard a tall ship (without internet!) sailing the world, and at an Italian boarding school before returning to North America.

I’ve taught all kinds of science and math courses and I believe that bringing variety into my teaching is the most effective way for students to buy in to me and my course and then retain the information. If everything is the same every day, students can’t distinguish one day or topic from the next! As a bonus, variety also keeps me interested!

Stick around to explore some of my activities, ideas, philosophies, and experiences!

Scientifically yours,