3 Last Minute End-of-Year Science Class Ideas

You’re in the last couple of weeks of school and you have those ONE or TWO classes that you’re not sure how to fill. Haven’t we all been there?

Go for the low-prep, relaxing option.

Here are 3 ways to fill a couple of science classes when your only supplies are markers/colored pencils and access to the copy machine!

If you want to create a super relaxed atmosphere, have students do the activities below while listening to some YouTube coffee shop music or while watching a science movie (click here for a list of my fave science movies)!

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#1) Origami DNA

I love this activity! Have the students colour in the black and white version and follow the video instructions to fold it into the double helix. I’ve used this in a few different places throughout the year, and it’s a perfect option for a pre-summer craft for any age!

When I had my twelfth graders make them a few years ago, we strung them from ribbon in the doorway so that students had to pass through them on their way into the class.

I told them I wanted them to be literally hit in the face by science as they entered my classroom!

My Class' DNA Curtain
My Class’ DNA Curtain

#2) Science Photo Booth

Harness teenagers’ love of photo-taking by having them make science-themed photo booth accessories and then encourage them to take photos (COVID-safe, of course)! What can they put on a headband? Can they make science glasses? What about thought bubbles or hats?

Designed by Freepik
Designed by Freepik

#3) Coloring Pages

Keep it simple with science colouring pages! There are a bunch of free options for all branches of science:

BUT…my very favorite coloring option is Color Me PhD, a project created by Dr. Julie Rorrer of MIT. It’s a compilation of pages that illustrate current and recent research of PhD student scientists, postdocs, and professors. It’s SO amazing and you should definitely find a way to introduce this work to your students!

That’s it! Let’s go easy on ourselves as we finish up this year, am I right??

What are some of your favourite final-final days activities in science class? Share in the comments below!

Scientifically yours,


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