7 Creative Ways to Fill the Last Days of the Year in Science

It’s that awkward time of the year when you’ve finished covering content, students are extra squirmy because the end is near, and in some cases you might have finished an AP exam or final assessment.

What can you do to fill the time in a way that’s not a wild free-for-all?

Here are 7 fun but meaningful ways to have students explore their creativity and fill time before the end of the school year in science!

#1 – Science Music Videos

Why not merge music with science by challenging students to change the lyrics of a song to a science theme and have them make a music video? The results of my students have been fantastic and I am consistently surprised that even though some students seem hesitant at first to be silly, everyone gets on board and are proud of the result.

#2 – Science Children’s Book

This is a wonderful option that taps into students’ childish sides. Pair up students and have them select a theme from the year and create a story book that explains the topic. I’ve used this in ecology units and had students depict a relationship between organisms (commensalism, mutualism, predation, parasitism). They had the option to create it by hand or using a computer program of their choice, and once again the results were incredible!

#3 – Science Board Game

Challenge students to create their own board game that can be used to review a unit of the course. If they’re stuck for ideas, suggest that they think of their favourite games and find ways to adapt one of them. And if they’re into programming, let them show off their skills to create a computer-based game! Hopefully the games will be of high enough quality to use with your future classes 🙂

#4 – Class Sporcle Competitions

Everyone needs a device for this one, but try a class Sporcle competition if you have just one or two classes to fill! My fave is one where students have to fill in a blank periodic table with as many elements as they can remember in 15 minutes. Obviously there is potential for them to look up elements in another window, so I always start this by having them raise their right hand and solemnly swear they will not cheat at our *very important and official* class competition. Not into competitions? Just let them play around with science games in pairs. It’s so fun!

#5 – Podcast Research Project

This is my go-to for research projects! SO fun. Students select a topic and create a podcast that presents interesting content through stories, an interview, and funny commercials. This incorporates research skills, communication skills, literacy, creativity, and technology. I’ve used this for research of chemical elements and medical technologies in Biology class, but the options are endless!

#6 – Stop Motion Videos

I’ve used this for body systems, but it could be used to model any process! Off the top of my head…cellular respiration, photosynthesis, types of chemical reactions, acids and bases, etc. What comes to mind for you?


#7 – There are always movies!

They might have a bad reputation at the end of the year but there are dozens of high-quality, interesting documentaries that can be used to both review and extend what you covered in science this year. Check out my favourites by grabbing my freebie here!

How do you like to finish off the year? I’d love to know!

Scientifically yours,


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